PED 101 Students Take Wellness Journey Beyond the Classroom

PED 101 Students Take Wellness Journey Beyond the Classroom

PED 101 students take their wellness journey beyond the classroom by testing for belt promotions with the UNCW Aikido Club.

Andrew Teska took Aikido as a PED 101 course in 2015 and after the taking the class, joined the UNCW Aikido club. Andrew is currently the club president and is applying for the Uchi Deshi Program with the head instructor of the Aikido World Alliance for the summer of 2018, after he graduates from UNCW. Andrew tested for and passed his brown belt test in Dec. 2017, at the end of the fall semester. He is expected to test for his black belt within the next two years. It all started with him taking Aikido as a PED 101 class in 2015.

Courtney Wilson and Farah Lowe, while taking the PED 101 Aikido class in 2017, both started training with the UNCW Aikido club. In Dec. 2017, at the end of the semester, they both tested for and passed their first belt promotion.

All three students continue to train with the UNCW Aikido Club after their PED 101 class experience.   

The PED 101 Aikido class is taught by John Lothes, who is a Third Degree Black Belt, and he is also the faculty advisor and head instructor to the UNCW Aikido Club. In the fall of 2017, John took 10 UNCW Aikido Club students and faculty members to an aikido seminar in Atlanta, Ga., where they spent the weekend training with a master-level instructor from Hombu Dojo, who is from Aikido World Headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. Andrew, Courtney and Farah all attended the seminar.

Additionally, former PED 101 Aikido student Jessica Sarsony (2016) attended the conference and joined the club after taking the class.