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CHHS Begins Discussion About Future Model for Interprofessional Collaboration

CHHS faculty and staff recently met to discuss Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) and its role in CHHS.

IPC is an effective model for advancing health and quality of life, and is valued by faculty, staff, students and community partners. The goal is to have an IPC model by the end of the spring 2018 semester. The model will guide CHHS in its IPC efforts over the next five years.

Interprofessional Collaboration is an important aspect of CHHS that can be found in several places throughout the CHHS Strategic Plan. Dean Hardy strongly believes that CHHS has reaffirmed its commitment to be an organization that intentionally cultivates IPC in teaching, scholarship and services.

“We want to not only transform the university’s thinking, but enhance the health and quality of life of our communities,” Dean Hardy said. “It is time to create a model of IPC in the CHHS.”

Through the implementation of the Task Forces in the CHHS, activities within a specific scope and goals are addressed and are disbanded once the issue has been resolved.

The Task Force meets every other week for two hours. Members of the Task Force are devoted to enhancing IPC in the CHHS through in teaching, scholarship and services.

“What IPC looks like in the CHHS is like a canvas and we can paint it how we want,” Dean Hardy said. “Success means for us to be a first-breath Interprofessional Collaboration Program and this Task Force was created to achieve this goal.”

The dean went on to say that CHHS needs to begin thinking of how to integrate IPC into all aspects of work, with the goal being to make IPC a signature advantage.

“When people talk about IPC, they should think ‘You’ve got to see what UNCW is doing.’”

Dean Hardy firmly believes that CHHS can be a leader in IPC in the coming years.

Members of the IPC Task Force will be attending the 2018 Interprofessional Education: Building a Framework for Collaboration Conference that will be held at the AAMC Learning Center in Washington, D.C. on April 30 – May 2.

Members of the Task Force include:

Nancy Ahern (SON), Linda Haddad (SON), Lorie Sigmon (SON), Robin Cunningham (Simulation learning Center), Andrea Jones (SSW), Debra Jackson (SSW), Kristin Bolton (SSW), Jacquelyn Lee (SSW), Stacey Kolomer (SSW), Anne Glass (SHAHS), Jason Foster (SHAHS), Cara Gray (SHAHS), Candy Ashton (SHAHS), Sheri Shaw (Student Success Center), Lindsay Phipps (SSC), Linda Kleckner (SSC), Ashley Wells (Office of the Dean), Leah Mayo (Center for Healthy Communities), Tiffany Erichsen (Center for Clinical Research Workforce Development), Chris Lantz (Office of the Dean), and Kristi Dorsey (Office of the Dean).