I Am CHHS: Lindsey Nanney, Physical Activity and Wellness Coordinator and Lecturer

I grew up dancing and then began dancing competitively. Eventually, I also began teaching dance and taught for 12 years. Some people in my church heard of my history and a little over a year ago approached me about starting and leading a dance group. We dance for the simple fun of it and have people in our group from age 11 well into their 60’s."


Lindsey Nanney

Title: Physical Activity and Wellness Coordinator and Lecturer

How long have you been working with the CHHS? Two and a half years.

Job Duties: Coordinating all aspects of our Physical Activity and Wellness Program, as well as teaching wellness lectures and physical activity labs in the program. Creating and managing the content delivered through the physical activity and wellness program.

Hobbies: Running; walking; lifting weights; high intensity interval training; Pilates; dancing; spending time with my husband; traveling and exploring; trying new nutritious recipes; being outdoors; and offering support and encouragement to teens in the community.