Faculty Advisory Council Report

The CHHS Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) met monthly during the fall 2017 semester to discuss matters related to faculty welfare. Council activities focused on the items submitted by faculty to the CHHS Virtual Suggestion Box or directly to a FAC member. The following suggestions were discussed and acted on by the Council.

  1. Inclusion of faculty input in the program coordinator evaluation process: While there is not a formal tool for collecting this information, faculty can submit information to facilitate coordinator development to the respective program director. 
  2. Selection of active activities for the spring CHHS event that allow full participation by faculty and staff: This item was forwarded to the CHHS Planning Committee.
  3. Designating space for graduate students to gather, interact, and discuss: This suggestion will be considered during planning for the new building. The Student Success Center is currently available for all CHHS students, including graduate students.
  4. Identifying a model for graduate assistant allocation and assignments: This item was referred to the CHHS Leadership Team.
  5. Accessing to tax documents by part-time faculty-According to the UNCW Payroll Office, on or around the MLK Holiday is the earliest that tax documents can be available to faculty.  This is due to end-of-year reconciliation and reporting processes.
  6. Timeliness of teaching assignments in the OAP RN-BSN Program: Data analysis reveals improvement in predicting enrollment rates and subsequently, the planning the schedule.  This should decrease the number of late changes to faculty schedules.
  7. Student registration overrides in SHAHS; many were related to curricular changes: The registration system continues to be refined. 
  8. Use of the CHHS Virtual Suggestion Box by students-Language on the suggestion box homepage was revised to direct students to appropriate avenues for submitting their feedback. 

In addition to the items above, the Council is planning a speed interprofessional networking event in conjunction with the Spring 2018 CHHS Faculty Meeting. More details will be available once the meeting date is set. Get ready to meet possible collaborators at this event!

Thank you to all faculty who submitted comments and suggestions. The Faculty Advisory Council encourages all faculty to use the suggestion box or to contact a member of the Council to discuss matters related to faculty welfare. Together, we can make a difference! Happy Holidays!

CHHS Faculty Advisory Council

Beth Gazza, Chair
Robert Boyce
Chris Hall
Donna Maglio
Sara Miller
Patty White