School of Nursing Professor Wins Business Category at WILMA’s Women to Watch Ceremony

School of Nursing Professor Wins Business Category at WILMA’s Women to Watch Ceremony

On Oct. 13, Clinical Research Assistant Professor and UNCW alumna, Jen McCall won the Business category at the Wilma Magazine’s Women to Watch Awards ceremony.

Jen joined the CHHS faculty in August of 2017. She is the co-founder and CEO of SeaTox Research, Inc., a biotechnology research and development company dedicated towards bioassay development for marine toxins and drug discovery of marine natural products. Her work focuses on connecting marine science with product development, and how scientific innovations can be translated into useful products and medicines for the public.

“I am very thankful for being honored,” Jen said, “as I feel it represents recognition for the inroads I have made in the scientific business world. While women in business leadership roles, particularly those in scientific industries, have been underrepresented, great strides have been made to open these arenas to the new ideas and new directions women bring to both science and business.”

SeaTox Research is located in CREST Research Park at UNCW and has earned over $1.7 million in federal and state grants to develop scientific products for public use. The company has developed user-friendly tests for marine toxins that contaminate commercial seafood. The tests are designed to be used by research groups and regulatory agencies to monitor toxin content in fisheries in order to protect the public from the harmful effects of marine neurotoxins.

Jen received her Doctor of Philosophy in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and her Master of Business Administration from UNCW.