I Am CHHS: Cait LeVee, CHHS nursing alumna

I am thankful for all the time that our teachers and preceptors put into our education because now, being on the other side, I see all the hard work that went into making us nurses. I found my passion caring for critically ill children and was able to gear my education towards that. I was able to learn through clinicals in pediatrics and ICUs, which led me to having the opportunity to be a PICU nurse."


Cait LeVee

Major/Year: Nursing, 2015

What were some things you enjoyed about your major? I enjoyed the opportunity to work with different populations in order to learn and discover where my true passion in nursing is. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with younger nursing students and being able to help them learn their basic nursing skills. I had the chance as a nursing student to work with the homeless, work within the community and with all age groups inside and outside of the hospital setting. I was able to learn through working with my classmates, in simulation and by working with nurses in our community.

What are some of your favorite pastimes/hobbies? I enjoy spending time with my friends, watching movies and going out to eat while at UNCW.