I Am CHHS: Britanny Galagher, Exercise Science

Being in this major has opened so many doors and has provided me with infinite connections in the fitness industry and the pre-professional world. I cannot thank my professors enough for pouring into their students the way that they do. Their passion continuously sparks a fire in me to pursue a career in this field, as I know it will be a promising, rewarding and fulfilling one. "


Brittany Gallagher

Major/Year: Exercise Science, 2018

What were some things you enjoyed about your major? Oh, so many. The field of exercise science is growing so rapidly and I feel as though current students are at the forefront of it developing into a more widely respected area of study. Bringing awareness to the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle, and more importantly, the beneficial effects that physical activity has on the human body, is what exercise science majors advocate for. We spend our time learning how to properly assess vital signs, conduct pre-screening on hypothetical clients, prescribe an exercise regimen according to ACSM recommendations, facilitate behavior change, and comply with laws and regulations surrounding physical education, confidentiality and inclusivity. A lot of exercise science students engage in undergraduate research and/or study abroad on one of our three short-term trips to take our studies beyond the classroom!

What are some of your favorite pastimes/hobbies? I spend a majority of my free time at the Student Recreation Center trying new workouts and attending group fitness classes. I am also on the UNCW Club Gymnastics team. I like to coffee shop hop, thrift shop and hang out with my sorority sisters on the weekends. If you can’t find me I’m probably watching a football game, studying at the library, or hammocking under the pier on Wrightsville Beach… most likely I’m at the library (with PCJ, of course).