CHHS Faculty Recognized for Excellence at Fall Meeting

CHHS Faculty Recognized for Excellence at Fall Meeting

On Sept. 5, three CHHS faculty members were recognized for their excellence at the fall faculty meeting.

Lecturer of the Year

Angie Vandenberg, Field Education CoordinatorField Education Coordinator Angie Vandenberg was presented the Lecturer of the Year Award.

“I am incredibly humbled to have been one of the recipients for this award. As an alumna of UNCW, I consider it an honor to be able to teach and mentor future social workers,” she said.

Excellence in e-Learning

Elizabeth Gazza, Associate Professor of Nursing Associate Professor of Nursing Elizabeth Gazza was awarded the Excellence in e-Learning Award.

“The fact that UNCW has an award for excellence in online teaching indicates a recognition that online teaching and learning is in some way different than what occurs in traditional settings,” Elizabeth said. “It requires different pedagogy, instructional strategies, tools, faculty development, and approaches to ensure the interactions of the student and content, the student and their peers, and the student and faculty. This means that programs preparing future educators in any discipline must include formal instruction in online teaching, build and value the scholarship of teaching and learning specific to online education and ensure a support system is in place for faculty who reach students through online teaching.”  

UNCW Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award

Susan Sinclair, Professor of Nursing Professor of Nursing Susan Sinclair was recognized for receiving the UNCW Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award.

“I am grateful for this award and the support I have received from the leadership of CHHS, the School of Nursing and the Office of e-Learning,” Susan said. “Teaching our promising clinical research students, alongside our excellent faculty, has been immensely rewarding.”