Dean’s Welcome

Wow, the 7th Annual CHHS Convocation was a great success. I want to thank everyone for all the hard work that went into planning and executing this signature event for our college. Every aspect of the Convocation program, from Mariah Sutton’s beautiful rendition of “When You Believe” to our incredible keynote address, delivered by Becca O’Neill ’04, I think this was CHHS at its best!

The chancellor and provost provided wonderful opening and closing comments and our student and CHHS leadership members added their special flare to the program. Finally, how about the Walk About Winners – Chris Hall for the International category and Natalie Bernardina for the Domestic category? The creativity and beauty of the pictures with CHHS swag is awesome and fun! Last, but not least, how about the carnival – I absolutely loved being dunked by the Paws4People Dogs! Again, thanks to all for a great start to the academic year. I can’t wait until the 8th annual CHHS Convocation in fall 2018!

With the adoption of the revised CHHS strategic plan, we have developed a booklet to help us tell our story. I think you will agree with me that it is BEAUTIFUL! Please keep the document in your office and refer to it often to remind you of our “Why” “What” and “How.” In addition, if you would like to share our plan with others please contact Colleen for additional copies. The Quality Assurance and Assessment Committee is working on the assessment model for our plan so that we can continue our progression toward a culture of assessment around our strategic plan. More to come on this important issue as the year unfolds.

I am in the process of holding charge meetings for the committees and advisory councils. The standing committees at the college level include: Quality Assurance and Assessment Committee, Curriculum Committee and Globalization, Culture and Diversity Committees. Advisory Councils in the college include: Dean’s Advancement Council, Academic and Student Affairs Advisory Council, Research Advisory Council, Innovation Advisory Council, Community Engagement and Impact Advisory Council, Faculty Advisory Council, Service Teams Advisory Council, Administrative Staff Advisory Council and the Dean’s Student Leadership Advisory Council. These structures support our commitment to shared governance within CHHS. I am excited about the work that will be done by each committee and/or advisory council during the 2017-18 academic year. In addition, if needed, we will form task forces to address critical issues that need action. I thank all faculty, staff and students for your willingness to serve CHHS as members of these structures. For detailed information about the shared governance structures within CHHS please check out https:/

The CHHS Advancement Council met on September 20, 2017 on campus. Under the leadership of Louis Coggins, this group continues to grow in numbers and impact in terms of connecting the CHHS with potential donors. At the meeting, the groups were briefed on the building plans and progress for our new building, provided updates on advancement activities at the university, college and school levels and the great work of our faculty, staff and students in each of our schools. As we move toward the comprehensive campaign, the CHHS Advancement Council will assist us in raising friends and funds to support the continued growth and development of the CHHS. I am confident that under the leadership of Louis Coggins, chair of the Advancement Council, that CHHS will tell its story loud and clear!

While the meeting was uplifting and exciting, the Council collectively mourned the death of fellow member Wayne Long, CEO of Well Care Health. Wayne was a friend of CHHS and had recently joined the council to help us move our advancement profile to the next level. More than that, Wayne was a friend and colleague to many members of the council and a strong supporter of health and human services within our region. We will miss our friend. More information about Wayne can be found at

I am so proud of the faculty and staff who have received awards from the university. Congratulations to:

Susan Sinclair, PhD, MPH, RN

2017 College of Health and Human Services Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award
Professor of Clinical Research
School of Nursing

Angie Vandenberg, MSW, LCSW, VSP

2017 UNCW Lecturer of the Year Award
Field Education Coordinator
School of Social Work

Elizabeth A. Gazza, PhD, RN, LCCE, FACCE

2017 UNCW Excellence in e-Learning Award
Associate Professor of Nursing
School of Nursing

Nate Miner

2017 UNCW Staff Award for Excellence
Assistant Dean for Finance and Resource Management

The Office of the Provost and Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs presents faculty with a ‘Years of Service’ cord on an annual basis. This cord can be worn with your academic regalia to demonstrate your tenure as a University of North Carolina Wilmington faculty member. The color of the cord denotes the years of service at UNCW:

  • Teal                 5 - 9.9 years of service
  • White              10 – 14.9 years of service
  • Kelly Green     15 – 19.9 years of service
  • Burgundy         20 – 24.9 years of service
  • Silver               25 – 29.9 years of service
  • Gold                30 + years of service

I want to congratulate the faculty within the CHHS who received service at the university. It is nice to know that your commitment is appreciated by the institution. Please wear your cord with pride! Thanks for all you do for your program, school, CHHS and UNCW. The table below presents the CHHS faculty who were awarded Years of Service Cords for the 2017-18 academic year:


Alexia Franzidis, Chris Lantz, Lisa Sprod, Carolyn Jones, Susan Marshall, Margaret Verzella, Stacey Kolomer, Jacquelyn Lee, Angie Vandenberg


Jorge Figueroa, Laura Spivey, Paula Reid, Stephanie Smith

Kelly Green

Candy Ashton-Forrester


Jim Herstine, Karen Sandell

Finally, I would like to urge all faculty, staff and students in CHHS to be kind to each other. As I suspect many of you have, I have watched the recent events in Charlottesville and elsewhere in our country unfold, and I must say they concern me deeply. Our country finds itself confronting serious ideological divides that are polarizing us and threatening our democracy. However, we must engage in these difficult and long-overdue conversations because such conversations are at the foundation of our pluralistic society. While I personally find some of these issues concerning, what troubles me more is the manner in which these conversations have devolved into outward expressions of hate and hostility. I worry that we have lost, or are at least quickly losing, our ability to engage in civil discourse and in its wake, we are left with dehumanizing acts of vitriol and aggression seemingly without respect for alternative opinions of those who express them.

So why am I writing you about this? As persons who have dedicated our lives to maintaining a learned society and the intellectual development of future generations, we not only have the responsibility to educate them in the content areas of their professional disciplines but also to model the civility necessary to coexist in a pluralistic society. As Gandhi said, “We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.” Thus, I challenge all of us to be the role models we want our students to see; to encourage healthy debate, to appreciate differences, to express our thoughts in a gentle tone, and to treat each other with kindness. I saw a sign the other day and it captured my challenge to us in the most succinct way. It read: “Humankind. Be both.” While civility is more than kindness, I think it is a necessary first step. So, before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Is it kind?

-       Buddhist saying

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