CHHS Academic Affairs Updates

CHHS Academic Affairs Updates

Hey Folks, if you want to know what’s going on in Academic Affairs, then read on! We have a lot of initiatives taking place, so keep an eye out for updates right here in CHHSTalk. As always, if you want to provide input on projects or just simply to get an update, we are happy to discuss the exciting things we are working on!

Communications Plan

CHHS Academic Affairs is currently implementing strategies to improve its efficiencies. Our goal is to create a system of processing requests that is both fast and effective. By redistributing processing responsibilities and signatory authority, we will create a process that will allow for requests to go through faster. A detailed communications plan will be coming out in the near future that identifies who will be responsible for what.

New Degree Programs

CHHS is currently in the process of developing new degree programs. Our college is growing rapidly, and the expectation is that we continue to grow, not only in the number of students we serve, but also the number of degree programs we offer. In an effort to approach this growth strategically, we contracted with the Educational Advisory Board who identified new degree programs that will best enable us to serve the needs of our region while providing cost effective opportunities for our students. As of now, the EAB has identified three must-have programs: Masters of Healthcare Administration, Health Informatics & Analytics and Respiratory Therapy. A Request to Plan is in process now for the Masters of Healthcare Administration, which will feature concentrations in Health Informatics & Analytics and Geriatric Care. It is our intention to get the Master’s in Healthcare Administration out the door in time for the UNC System Board of Governors to review at its December 15 board meeting. We are excited about this program’s potential to meet the huge need for healthcare managers in our state. Additionally, we will be adding additional faculty to support this program, and partnering with Cameron School of Business to help develop the curriculum. After that, we plan to start working on Respiratory Therapy by late spring or early summer.

On-line Accelerated Programs (OAP) Model

CHHS will continue to develop its portfolio of programs offered through our OAP model. We have the highly popular RN to BSN that everybody knows about and have recently added the Master of Science in Nurse Education (MSNE). Additionally, we now have a soft launch of the Exercise Science program, and once approved, will add the Master of Health Administration and potentially other degrees to the portfolio of programs.

Global Education Facilitation Group

We put together a task force to examine how we might promote the development and implementation of study abroad experiences. We are calling it the Global Education Facilitation (GEF) group.

The group is comprised of representatives from all three schools.Their job over the course of the next several months is to identify ways to promote the development of study abroad experiences, identification of resources and processes. See members list below.

  • Kristin Bolton, Associate Professor (SSW)
  • Alexia Franzidis, Assistant Professor (SHAHS)
  • Lisa Sprod, Assistant Professor (SHAHS)
  • Stephanie Turrise, Assistant Professor (SON)
  • Angie Vandenberg, Lecturer (SSW)
  • April Matthias, Associate Professor (SON)
  • Michael Wilhelm, Associate Vice Chancellor – International Programs (OIP)