CHHS Welcomes New Faculty at Orientation

CHHS Welcomes New Faculty at Orientation

On August 9, the College of Health and Human Services hosted its second fall New Faculty Orientation as a welcome to new faculty members to the College. 

CHHS started the orientation in Trask Coliseum, where Dean Hardy spoke about CHHS culture. A total of 20 new faculty members learned about our mission, vision, values, goals, structure and programs.

Faculty members also learned about research and innovation support and the assistance they will receive while growing the CHHS research portfolio. New faculty members had the opportunity to submit their research interests for inclusion in the CHHS Collaboration Database, jumpstarting their ability to foster inter-professional collaborations with other faculty members, as well as student mentees. 

Presentations were given by the Academic Affairs Operations Core Service Team, the Office of ELearning, Randall Library on academic affairs and the assistant dean of student success, representatives from the Dean of Students, the University Learning Center and the Disability Resource Center on CHHS student success.

Attendees also received information about the shared services model for CHHS and points of contact in relation to the business operations of CHHS. They received a tour of the Trask complex and McNeill Hall to include the “need to know” locations for School Unique Service Teams and College Core Services Teams. All new faculty will receive subsequent information and instruction as they access and navigate the business services of the college.

CHHS looks forward to getting to know our new faculty members as we move into this academic year. Please take the opportunity to welcome them as they get settled into teaching, researching and serving at CHHS.

School of Health and Applied Human Sciences

John Lothes, Lecturer
Amy Olsen, Lecturer
Sabrina Cheery, Assistant Professor
Jordan Weber, Lecturer
Angela Sardina, Assistant Professor
Jason Foster, Lecturer

School of Social Work

Athena Kolbe, Assistant Professor
Donna Maglio, Lecturer
Debra Jackson, Lecturer
Amy Van de Motter, Lecturer

School of Nursing

Suzy Diggle-Fox, Assistant Professor
Scott Saccomano, Assistant Professor
Julie Hinkle, Assistant Professor
Jodi Protokowicz, Assistant Professor
Lori Sigmon, Assistant Professor
Tawny Burgess, Lecturer
Paula Baisden, Lecturer
Clydie Coward-Murrell, Lecturer
Linda Haddad, Associate Director of Graduate Programs
Jennifer McCall, Assistant Professor
Deb Hrelic, RN/BS Coordinator
Annemarie Petroff, Lecturer