Academic Affairs Operations Team Participates in Team Building Retreat

Academic Affairs Operations Team Participates in Team-Building Retreat

On August 3, the CHHS Academic Affairs Operations team participated in a retreat to build team spirit and develop professional skills.

The five-hour retreat covered the topics of Leading Up and Down, Minimizing the Burn Out, Getting Things Done and Failing Forward. Wingin’ It, the final activity of the day, consisted of the entire team painting the UNCW spirit rock located directly across the road from the Recreation Center.

“The final goal of the retreat was to gear up the team for the changes and challenges of the upcoming academic year,” Coordinator of the AAO, Danielle Eastup said “and in that goal, we were successfully geared up. In regards to the individual module goals, the success will be measured throughout the academic year and determined based on how well the team managed those changes and challenges.”