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CHHS Technology Support Transition

As the spring semester begins to come to an end, we wanted to take a moment to provide some updates regarding adjustments in the way that CHHS will interface with ITS for technology support beginning Summer 2017.

ITS Update

Jeff Stanfield has been one of many ITS staff members that have helped serve the College of Health & Human Services since August 2010. Faculty, staff, and administrators have considered Jeff as a member of the CHHS team and have often contacted him directly for various technology concerns, questions or services. Although it was not the intention to have a devoted staff member to a specific department on campus, it has been a great asset to have such direct access to an ITS staff member. As many of you are aware, Jeff will be moving out of McNeill Hall at the end of this spring semester and will continue to work with ITS here at UNCW.

ITS remains committed to supporting CHHS in providing excellent customer service and we will continue to have a collaborative partnership. It is important that we clearly articulate a service model so that we can ensure that we are meeting the needs of CHHS.  Below you will see a summary process of how to interface with ITS to receive support for technology related concerns. It is our goal to make this process as seamless as possible for end users and ultimately provide a proactive training program as well as timely response.

Service Model Overview




Category A:

Classrooms/ Conference Rooms/ Instructional Spaces with a “Call Button”

For desktop or AV issues, push the AV Help Button as seen to the right. A response person will assist over the intercom and someone will be dispatched if needed.

Category B:

Individual workstations – office desktops or laptops

For individual user issues with office computers and technology you will continue to contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) 910-962-4357 or enter a Team Dynamix Ticket .

*Each Classroom/Conference Room/Instructional Space will soon have visible signage that directs you to the proper contact protocol.

Technology Resources and Planning

In order to set up your class or event for success, please consider the following:

Advanced Planning

Plan for technology needs as far in advance as possible. When requesting a room reservation, please ensure you note specific AV needs.


Room-Specific Technology

Ensure you are familiar with the technology in a specific room. If it is your first time using a room, then a CHHS Business Service Team member can arrange to meet you at the space in advance of the event to ensure you are able to use the room as designed.



Email if you have questions regarding technology capabilities. We can assist with scheduling video capture or other technology.



We will be working in conjunction with ITS to offer training opportunities for specific technologies such as T1V (MC3084), Web-Ex, room-specific training and others as needed.


If you have questions regarding technology, we have resources to help. The CHHS Business Service Team staff will be glad to answer questions and connect you with additional resources as needed. Please email or call 910.508.4597 during business hours.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make this transition and continue to have a strong collaborative relationship with our colleagues in ITS.

Summer Moving Overview

The 2016-17 academic year was a year of opportunity for our college to collectively reimagine the way that we utilize our space for achieving our vision of enhancing the health and quality of life of individuals, families and communities. Through the participation of our faculty and staff, along with a collaborative discussion among campus leadership, we have identified what we believe will serve as a multi-year solution to bridge us toward the opening of the Applied Health Building (targeted for January 2020). We have appreciated the willingness of our faculty and staff to identify key values that have informed this space planning effort. These values included ensuring that faculty remain on campus and accessible to students, and protecting student learning commons, collaboration and instructional spaces.

As we begin to prepare for summer renovations, we will be sending out regular updates about moves via email as well as meeting face-to-face with faculty, staff and students that are directly involved. This article will not delve into all of the details; rather it is a high-level overview of where you will find folks during summer 2017 and fall 2017. We will be distributing a full faculty directory with room locations and phone numbers in the coming weeks for individuals.






Office of the Dean

McNeill 3rd Floor

(MC 3080 Suite)

Academic Affairs Annex

May 2017

Late fall semester this group will move to the “Purchasing Building” behind University Facilities.

Academic Affairs Operations – Core Service Team

McNeill 3rd Floor

Natural Sciences Trailer

May 2017

Late fall semester this group will move to the “Purchasing Building” behind University Facilities.

Center for Healthy Communities

Academic Affairs Annex

Natural Sciences Trailer

May 2017

Late fall semester this group will move to the “Purchasing Building” behind University Facilities.

School of Nursing Administrative Team

McNeill 3rd Floor

(MC 3019 Suite)

Renovated MC 3080 Suite

June/July 2017

School of Social Work Administrative Team

McNeill 3rd floor &

3101 Suite

MC 1031 Classroom

May 2017

Will move to renovated MC 3019 Suite in July 2017

Recreation Therapy Faculty (SHAHS)

McNeill 3rd floor

McNeill 3rd floor consolidated offices


Clinical Research Faculty (SON)

McNeill 2nd floor

MC 3rd floor


Student Success Center

McNeill 1st Floor

(MC 1009 Suite &

MC 1055 Suite)

Consolidate into renovated MC 1009 Suite

May/June 2017

Business Core Services Team

MC 2060

MC 1038

May 2017

Will move to renovated MC 1054/55 Suite in July 2017

Before you leave for the semester…

With the end of the spring 2017 semester quickly approaching, we ask that all CHHS faculty/staff help us prep for our time away from the building. Remember these tips when you leave to keep your office space energy-efficient, safe and healthy.

  • If you are involved in any moves, please ensure your office is prepped appropriately. This includes boxing and labeling items that will be transferred to the new space and taking home any items that will not be moved to the new space.
  • Ensure all food or consumables are removed from desk and offices (check trash, desk drawers, etc.).
  • Make sure you take out your trash and recycling even if there are no consumables. This will help avoid unwanted visitors.
  • Make a visit to common spaces such as lounges to pick up personal items (including food, drink and other items).
  • Shut off and unplug small appliances, like coffeepots and microwaves in your area.
  • Take a moment to turn off and/or unplug all energy-consuming devices that are not required in your office, labs and common areas.
  • Secure doors, drawers, cabinets in your area appropriately. Remember to take your key and ID card with you.
  • Appropriately prep any specialty equipment for the extended break. Do not assume someone else is taking this initiative.
  • Create out-of-office messages for email and phone calls.
  • Update passwords to ensure you do not lose access over the break.
Enjoy the break… wherever you spend it, we wish you well!