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Faculty Research Productivity Report

The College of Health and Human Services would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the success of our faculty, staff and students in research and scholarship. Please see below for our “Hot Off the Press Publications” and our “Faculty Talks” presentations from around the globe. This is a comprehensive list of all faculty publications and presentations reported by our faculty for the month of February 2017.

CHHS faculty are indicated in BOLD, s indicates CHHS student involvement, * indicates a collaborative project, and ** indicates a CHHS interprofessional collaborative project. KUDOS to all faculty, staff and students for their contributions to the research and scholarship of our college!

Hot Off the Press Publications

Bice, A.A. (2017, April). Treating obesity starts at home. American Journal of Nursing

*Carter, M., Ashton-Forrester, C., Hutchinson, D., Wolfe, B. (February 2017). In Stumbo & Wolfe (Ed.), Move to a master of science as entry-level for therapeutic recreation practice Professional issues in therapeutic recreation: On competence and outcomes. (3rd ed., pp. 173‑196). Champaign, IL: Sagamore Publishing.

*Dodson, C. H., & Maness, L. (2017). Genomic markers associated with insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes in African Ancestry: A review. Open Journal of Hematology, 8, 1-8. doi: 10.13055/ojhmt_8_1_2.170302.

Jones, A.L. (2017). Researching a new or little-known social phenomenon: Positioning research to traverse the gap between academic and non-academic stakeholders and other lessons learned. Sage Research Methods Cases (http://methods.sagepub.com/case/researching-the-gap-between-academic-and-non-academic-stakeholders). Los Angeles, CA Sage Publishing, Inc.

**Jones, A. & Pastor, D.K. (2017). Complicated Dementia: Teaching caregivers to recognize signs and take the next steps. Accompanied by Continuing Education Module. Home Healthcare Now, 35(3), 142-149.

*Nahapetyan, L., Orpinas, P., Glass, A., Song, X. (February 2017). Planning Ahead: Using the theory of planned behavior to predict older adults’ intentions to use hospice if faced with terminal illness. Journal of Applied Gerontology. /journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0733464817690678.

*Reel, J. J., & Bucciere, R. A. (2018) In print, February 2017. Exercise Psychology: Where Are We Going as a Field? (p. 112-114). In C. Oglesby’s Foundations of Kinesiology. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

*Ross, J., Ashton-Forrester, C. (February 2017). In Stumbo & Wolfe (Ed.), Therapeutic recreation practice models in Professional issues in therapeutic recreation: On competence and outcomes (3rd ed., pp. 257-332). Champaign, IL: Sagamore Publishing.

Faculty Talks Around the Globe

Brown, Kirk W (February 2, 2017). 32nd Annual Southeast Athletic Training Student Symposium, “Using special tests to evaluate adolescent athletic injuries,” Southeast Athletic Trainers’ Association, Wilmington.

*Calhoun, N., Dodson, C. H., Chang, J., Barber, J., Roberts, D., & Vorderstrasse, A. (2017, February 23). Lifestyle behaviors and demographic factions among adults at risk for Type 2 Diabetes, SNRS, Dallas, Texas.

*sCho, HyeYoung (Presenter & Author), sRomine, Nathaniel L (Author Only), sKim, Junyoung (Author Only), Heijnen, Michel, Ziaie, Babak (Author Only), Rietdyk, Shirley (Author Only) (February 23, 2017). Midwest American Society of Biomechanics Meeting, “Gait asymmetry during uphill, downhill and level walking while outdoors,” Grand Rapids, MI.

*Gazza, E. A., Hunker, D. F., & Shellenbarger, T. (2017, February). Using the KSAs to improve graduate students’ scholarly writing: The role of the nurse educator. Podium presentation at 2017 AACN Master’s Education Conference-Master’s Education Perspectives: Preparing Nurse Educators and Leaders to Embrace Change and Improve Practice. Atlanta, GA.

Goff, A. (February 22-25, 2017). Gressors and Learned Resourcefulness in Baccalaureate Nursing Students. Podium presentation at Southern Nursing Research Society 31st Annual Conference. Dallas, Texas

*Pontecorvo, Samual M (Author Only), Heijnen, Michel (Author Only), Muir, Brittney C (Author Only), Rietdyk, Shirley (Presenter & Author) (February 23, 2017). Midwest American Society of Biomechanics Meeting, “Relationship between gaze behavior and failure to cross a stationary, visible obstacle,” Grand Rapids, MI.

Spivey, Laura M (February 27, 2017). Virginia Recreation & Park Society-Management Conference, “Keynote Speaker-Work Happy,” Virginia Recreation & Park Society, Suffolk, VA.

Seaman, Alana (February 25, 2017). Far West Popular/American Culture Conference, “Meaning making in literary destinations: An examination of tourist performances inspired by a river, an old man, and a frog,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, Las Vegas, NV.

*Sinclair, S.M., Theodossiou, J.J., Albano, J.D., “Evaluating in utero medication exposure and maternal disease on infants: The importance of pediatric follow-up information.” June 2017. Poster Walk Session – five-minute presentation and two-minute discussion at the European Society of Pediatric and neonatal Intensive Care, Lisbon, Portugal.

*Tseh, Wayland, sChampion, Hollie, sEk, Susanna, sKinslow, Anna, sFrazier, Rolf, sMcClain, Caroline (February 2017). Southeast American College of Sports Medicine Conference, “Effectiveness of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation During Rest and Exercise,” Greenville, South Carolina.