Faculty Research Productivity Report

Faculty Research Productivity Report

The College of Health and Human Services would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the success of our faculty, staff and students in research and scholarship. Please see below for our “Hot Off the Press Publications” and our “Faculty Talks” presentations from around the globe.

This is a comprehensive list of all faculty publications and presentations reported by our faculty in January, 2017. KUDOS to all faculty, staff and students to their contributions to the research and scholarship of our College!

Hot Off the Press Publications

January 2017 Publications

Bice, A.A., Hall, J., Devereaux, M.J., (2017). Exploring holistic comfort in children who experience a clinical venipuncture procedure. Journal of Holistic Nursing. doi 10.1177/0898010117692719

Pastor, D., Jones, A., & Arms, T. (2017).  Where the rubber hits the road: What home healthcare professionals need to know about driving safety for persons with dementia. Home Healthcare Now, 35(1), 26-32.

Reel, J. J., & Bucciere, R. A. (2018). Exercise Psychology: Where Are We Going as a Field? (p. 112-114). In C. Oglesby’s Foundations of Kinesiology. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

Seaman, A. [January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2017]. Book Review. Thantatourism and Representations of Risk. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Journal of Heritage Tourism/Taylor & Francis Publishers.

Turrise, S. (2016). An Innovative Classroom Teaching Strategy Using High Fidelity Patient Simulation. Nursing Education Perspectives, 37(6), 363-364

Faculty Talks Around the Globe

January 2017 Presentations

York, R. O., & Bolton, K. W. (2017). Development and testing of the science appreciation scale for human service professionals. Society for Social Work Research 23rd Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, January 11-15.