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Facilities Update

Making Room Reservations Simple

We want to make the reservation process as simple as possible for you. In order to set yourself up for success, please do the following:

  • Plan as far in advance as possible: The earlier we know, the more likely we can assist in finding you the space you need.
  • Send all CHHS reservation requests to our Business Services Email: This will help ensure the quickest response to your reservation request. CHHSBusinessServices@uncw.edu
  • Provide appropriate information: Use the following format in your email to expedite requests:

a) Main point of contact for event

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email

b) Name of event
c) Date of event
d) Start time
e) End time
f)  Set-Up/Breakdown time if required
g) Number of attendees anticipated
h) Any special AV or set-up requirements

If you have additional questions or need help with reservations we will be glad to meet with you one-on-one. We welcome the opportunity to show you how you can check availability for planning purposes as well. Please email CHHSBusinessServices@uncw.edu and we can set up a time to walk through any questions you have and discuss your reservation requests in more detail.

UNCW Fire Drills

UNCW is required by the N.C. Fire Prevention Code to conduct fire evacuation drills annually for academic and administrative buildings.  very effort is made to minimize disruption to the normal operations of the buildings while at the same time trying to conduct a realistic exercise. While regulations prohibit announcing the exact times of evacuation drills, EH&S has provided the following dates and timeframes and will distribute this information (via email and SWOOP) approximately one week prior to the drills. Currently drills for CHHS are scheduled for the following dates and locations (although they may be subject to change).

  • Trask Complex: 3/9/2017 between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • McNeill Hall; Academic Affairs Annex: 3/20/2017 between 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Mark your calendars and be on the lookout for additional email communications regarding more specifics. Please contact Joy Fulford, Fire/Emergency Management Technician, Environmental Health & Safety, via email at fulfordc@uncw.edu or on campus at 27258 with questions.

Budget/Grants Updates

Purchasing Deadlines

State funds are to be fully spent by the end of the fiscal year. The BCST will be monitoring our budget and incoming purchases on a regular basis to ensure that the most effective method of utilizing our remaining funds is executed.

When planning your spending for the remainder of FY17, please keep these general dates in mind:

  • Equipment should be ordered by March 15
  • Services are to be ordered by April 15
  • Supplies should be ordered by May 15

By June 16, 2017, all goods ordered must be physically received, the receiving processed in uShop, items inspected and passed by an inspector and the invoice received by Accounts Payable. In addition, all services must be satisfactorily completed, received in uShop, and invoiced with Accounts Payable. Failure to adhere to this deadline will result in charges occurring on next year’s budget.

Please remember, as policy, all business-oriented concerns and questions are to be directed to chhsbusinessservices@uncw.edu. From there, members of the BCST will reply to any questions or concerns involving their specific area of expertise.

Post-Award Grant Meetings

As the CHHS post-award grant coordinator for both internal and external grants, Nathan Holtsclaw will meet with each P.I. of all grants prior to fund execution. If you are currently leading a grant (either funded internally or externally), and have not met with Nathan, please contact him at holtsclawn@uncw.edu to schedule a meeting. Post-award grant meetings typically only last 15 minutes, but they provide essential information regarding your grant, including “best practices” on UNCW and state spending guidelines and policy.