Student Success Center advisers socialize at event

Student Success Center Launches CHHS Seahawk Success Program to Assist Students in Their Academic Journeys

The CHHS Seahawk Success Program has been launched for the spring 2017 semester.

Developed by the Student Success Center Retention and Progression Committee, the CSSP is designed to guide students on academic probation and dismissal towards achieving good academic standing by providing support services to help students attain personal and academic goals, especially during challenging semesters.

Students participating in the program are required to complete a CHHS Academic Success Plan, attend Personal, Academic, Career and Experiential (P.A.C.E.) Success Workshops and have in-person and electronic communication with their advisor over the course of the semester. Students who are on academic dismissal will also be required to complete a CHHS Academic Success Contract detailing their expectations and goals.

The primary goal of the CSSP is to create a college-wide effective model to support CHHS students by delivering a myriad of services to increase student retention and promote academic success.