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Business Core Service Team Updates

Budget/Grants Updates

Nathan Holtsclaw, Business Services SpecialistWith the addition of Hayley Sink as the Purchasing Lead for the CHHS BCST, Nathan Holtsclaw has transitioned into the dual roles of CHHS Budget Lead and Post-Award Grant Coordinator. Within these positions, he will help ensure the proper recording and reconciliation of all college funds.

Budget. As Budget Lead, Nathan will work closely with all members of the BCST, as well as faculty and staff, school directors and the leadership team to ensure all monies are spent in accordance with UNCW and state policy. In early 2017, he will roll out monthly financial reports to school directors. This should offer each unit the opportunity to better meet needs and process expenditures as needed throughout the year. Nathan will also oversee college budgetary actions, invoicing, deposits and external billing.

As an updated policy, it is asked that any financial approval requests be directed to Nathan at (To include catering orders, printing requests, space rentals, etc.) Nathan will serve as the gatekeeper of such requests, and ensure proper authorizations are received and orders submitted.

Grants. Nathan will also serve as the CHHS Post-Award Grant Coordinator for both internal and external grants. As grants are funded, he will schedule meetings with the P.I. to set expectations and guidelines surrounding purchases, independent contractors, temporary/student employees, travel, and more. He will then coordinate with other members of the BCST to ensure quick and reliable grant actions and expenditures. Also, regular reporting will begin in early 2017 – providing each PI a snapshot of their budget and remaining balance.

Nathan will remain the back-up for both Purchasing and Travel for CHHS and its schools.

As policy, all business-oriented concerns and questions should be directed to From there, members of the BCST will reply to any questions or concerns involving their specific area of expertise.

Travel Updates

Welcome back to the spring 2017 semester!

The following updates have been made to the mileage reimbursement rate for personal vehicle use for work related activities.  As you review the information below, please feel free to contact the BCST Travel Lead, Ms. Lesley McCoy (  with any questions or concerns.

Per the NC Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) for travel beginning January 1, 2017, personal mileage will be reimbursed as follows: 

If a state employee chooses to use a personal vehicle, they shall be reimbursed for mileage at the business standard mileage rate set by the IRS ($0.535 per mile) when the trip does not exceed 100 miles round trip per day of travel. If the mileage does exceed 100 miles round trip per day of travel, then the employee will be reimbursed at a standard rate of $0.535 per mile for the first 100 miles and any additional mileage over the 100 will be reimbursed at a rate of $0.17 per mile.  OSBM will not consider exceptions to this policy.

How does this translate for conference mileage and monthly mileage reimbursement?

Conference/Professional Development Mileage

Conference mileage is calculated based on an average miles driven. Total miles divided by the # of days of the trip.

Example 1: 2-day conference

Leave on a Monday and return on Tuesday

Total miles driven (round trip mileage) is 250 miles.

Average miles driven each day is 125 miles. Reimbursement break down per day is 100 miles at $0.535 per mile and 25 miles at $0.17per mile. $53.50 + $4.25 = $57.75 per day or a total of $115.50.

Example 2: 3-day conference

Leave on a Monday and return on a Wednesday

Total miles driven (round trip mileage) is 250 miles

Average miles driven each day is 83 miles. Reimbursement break down per day is 83 miles at $0.535 per mile. $44.41 x 3 = $133.23.

Monthly Mileage

Monthly mileage is calculated on a per day basis; not on the total number of miles driven for the month.

Day of Month

Round Trip Miles




100 miles x $0.535 and 150 miles x $0.17 = $79.00



50 x $0.535 = $26.75



98 x $0.535 = $52.43



100 x $0.535 and 25 x $0.17 = $57.75

Facilities/Purchasing Updates

Miracles in Motion event photo

4th Annual Miracles in Motion 5K and 1 Mile Run, Walk, and Roll

Saturday, February 25th | 11 AM | Olsen Park

Join the CHHS Team and Make Miracles Happen for our Friends at The Miracle League of Wilmington! The Miracles in Motion 5K and 1 Mile Run, Walk, and Roll is the original accessible race in the Cape Fear region. The race features a beautiful and fully-accessible course for people of all abilities at the Miracle Field located at Olsen Park in Wilmington!

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Miracle League of Wilmington, an accessible and inclusive baseball league, that serves over 125 children and adults with disabilities every fall and spring baseball season!

Run alongside your CHHS co-workers, friends, and family in this day full of celebration, inclusion, and joy!