Mark Werbeach, previous director of the Student Success Center

CHHS Thanks Previous Director of Student Success Center for His Service

CHHS thanks Mark Werbeach, the previous director of the Student Success Center, for his service in the role as director.

Mark joined the CHHS in January 2012 as the coordinator of student services in the School of Nursing. In July 2013, Student Services was moved into the College of Health and Human Services to provide student support to all students in CHHS. It was renamed Office of Student Success (OSS) at that time, but with the continued expansion in responsibilities, the OSS was eventually renamed the Student Success Center in fall 2015. 

Mark’s primary role over the next two or three months will be to assist the new assistant dean for student success in her transition to UNCW. During that time, a new organizational structure will be developed for the center. After the transition, Mark will assume leadership responsibilities within the new organizational structure.

Kathy Browder, senior associate dean of CHHS, said Mark has demonstrated exceptional leadership during a period of rapid growth in the Student Success Center. In 2012, the unit consisted of three full-time and part-time employees and provided academic advising to approximately 500 pre-nursing majors. In four years, the staff has grown to 18 full-time and one part-time employees and expanded its reach to more than 3,000 majors and pre-majors in CHHS.

Programs and services have expanded from advising, admissions, scholarship, student orientation and graduation support for the School of Nursing to include these services for the School of Health and Applied Human Sciences and Social Work, as well as offer services in student recruitment, student retention, alumni services, career advising, delivery of CHHS 205 and other services designed to provide holistic support to the CHHS student body. 

Leading a unit through a period of rapid growth requires patience and talent, and Mark has exhibited an abundance of both.

“Mark’s leadership during this period of rapid change has been nothing short of outstanding,” Kathy said, “and we are fortunate that he will continue to be a part of the CHHS family and the SSC moving forward.”