Well-known reporter and author T.R. Reid giving lecture at event

Well-Known Reporter and Author T. R. Reid Spoke on "The Politics of Healthcare" as a Part of Health Transformation Lecture Series

Well-known reporter and author T. R. Reid spoke on "The Politics of Healthcare" on Tuesday night as apart of the CHHS Health Transformation Lecture Series.

T. R. Reid, a 2014 Health Transformation Lecture Series speaker, returned to UNCW to discuss the current state of health insurance in the U.S.

As a reporter, Reid travelled the world twice, investigating free-market, industrialized democracies who provide healthcare for everybody and spend far less than the U.S. His reporting led him to write the national bestseller The Healing of America and PBS Frontline to produce two documentaries.

In comparison to other democracies, Reid said the United States has a third-rate healthcare system. The U.S. is the only industrialized country where citizens die because they don’t have access to care.

Reid went on to say if the U.S. would cover everyone in a cohesive system, it would not only save lives, but it would also save money. The Affordable Care Act was a start in the right direction, but it doesn’t cover everyone. There are 3.2 million people without insurance today.

In his home state of Colorado, the people have put together a plan called ColoradoCare that Reid believes will work. The plan, if it is voted in, will be governed by an elected board rather than the legislature.

Private insurers are fighting against the plan because they know if Colorado does this and it works, it will spread to the other states, as well. And ultimately, that will be the way the change occurs.

In fact, there is a state-opt-out clause in the Affordable Care Act that encourages states to come up with their own plans like ColoradoCare.

“America always does the right thing...eventually,” Reid said to a crowd of over 230 UNCW faculty, staff, students and community members. “If I could make a change it would be to take the profit out of health insurance.”