CHHS Strategic Planning Task Force

The Task Force on Strategic Planning for CHHS has been populated and the “Charge” meeting has been held. For a listing of the members of this Task Force, please click here. The purpose of this task force is as follows: (1) Dream – what should our priorities be over the next five years? (2) Align – ensure that the CHHS strategic plan aligns with the newly developed UNCW plan and (3) Develop a process/plan to establish the value proposition of the CHHS strategic plan for all faculty, staff and students, thereby making the strategic plan a living document that drives our daily work and decision making. The current CHHS strategic plan can be found here. The goal is to have items one and two completed by the end of the current academic year so that the schools and academic support structures can develop, revise and align their plans with the CHHS and UNCW plans during FY18. Item three will be an ongoing journey that will strive to make the strategic plan a living document within our culture.