Social Work Professor Kristen Bolton

CHHS Faculty to Lead Study Abroad Trip to London, England

Dr. Kristin Bolton and Ms. Heather Lang will lead a study abroad opportunity for School of Social Work students during the summer of 2017. The study abroad will take place in London during summer session two. During this trip, students will have the opportunity to attend a training at BRIEF, a world-renowned training facility for solution-focused practice.

To date, BRIEF has trained over 55,000 people from around the world. Social work students will have the opportunity to hear the chair of the British Association of Social Workers, Guy Shennan, discuss social work in the UK.

Last spring, Dr. Bolton had the opportunity to travel to the UK and attend this very same training. The impetus for this trip stemmed from Bolton’s experience in London and the SSW’s strong commitment to training students in solution-focused practice, as well as an interest in global social work. Bolton hopes to turn this experience into a recurring opportunity for CHHS social work students moving forward.

To learn more about BRIEF, click here.