Statement of Interest: Master of Social Work Program Statement of Interest & Assistantship

Upload an essay into the `Essay/Statement of Interest' section of the online application.Write an autobiographical essay explaining your interest in practicing social work. This essay is intended to give the MSW Admissions Committee a holistic picture of you as a potential MSW student. We'd like to know about your strengths, your self-awareness, and your perception of areas for personal and professional growth. This essay should be two to four pages, double-spaced, using Times Roman 12 pt. font.

Specifically address the following:

  1. Describe your experiences, both personal and professional, that influenced your decision to practice social work. In discussing your professional history, please include your work setting(s), the length of time you served, and whether or not this experience(s) was paid or volunteer. Include what your learned about yourself from these personal and/or professional experiences.
    For advanced standing applicants that hold a BSW only: Please include information regarding
    your undergraduate field placement in your response to question 1.
  2. Tell us about an experience with adversity, discrimination, and/or oppression either in your personal or professional life and how you handled that experience. If you have not faced these issues in your life, please explain your perception of the role the social work profession plays in working with people who do face such challenges.
  3. Discuss your commitment to social justice, both personally and professionally, and how you see this issue relating to your future practice in social work.
  4. Explain the reasons you have chosen to apply to our social work program.
  5. State your career goals for the next five years, including the population(s) with which you see yourself working.

Assistantship Essay:

If you wish to apply for a graduate assistantship, format a one paragraph essay Word document to be uploaded into the `Assistantship Essay' section of the online application, noting that only full-time students may be considered for graduate assistantships.

Detail your research and/or instructional experiences, technological aptitude (i.e., ability to use specific programs, web development, etc.), and any special skills that you would bring to your work as a graduate assistant. Include if you would be willing to work with another department if an assistantship in Social Work is unavailable.