Duke University: Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Program: 3 years (8 semesters consisting of 122 credit hours), admits 82 students, and starts in August.

Application: Application due 1st of November, but apply no later than September/October. Program admits students on a rolling basis, so apply early.

In-State and Out-of-State Tuition (total): $105,000. This does not include additional costs/fees ($5,750).

Admission Info:

  • Average GPA: 3.6
  • Average Science GPA: 3.5
  • Average Prerequisite GPA: 3.5
  • Average GRE Scores: GRE scores in or around the 60th percentile for each section (verbal, quantitative, analytical) are considered competitive within our applicant pool.
  • Average health care experience: A t least 100 hours of observation in a variety of clinical settings/specialties (for example: inpatient hospital settings, rehabilitation facilities, outpatient clinics, etc.).
  • Three letters of recommendation: 1 from faculty (if a TA writes the letter it has to be signed off on by professor), 1 from a licensed PT, and 1 from other.


All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. Non-letter grade courses, such Pass/Fail, are not accepted. Each prerequisite course must fulfill the 3-semester or 5-quarter credit hour requirement. Labs are recommended but not required. AP/IB credits will be accepted if they were accepted by the applicant’s undergraduate institution.

Anatomy and Physiology courses must be taken within five years of matriculation. Anatomy and Physiology courses in the either the biology or kinesiology departments will be accepted. Evolutionary and comparative anatomy courses will NOT be accepted.

  • Biological Science (general or specialized) - 6 semester hours (UNCW: BIO 201 and BIO 202)
  • Human/Vertebrate Anatomy - 3 semester hours (UNCW: BIO/L 240 or EXS/L 216)
  • Human/Vertebrate Physiology - 3 semester hours (UNCW: BIO/L 241 or EXS 217)
  • Chemistry (1 semester of general chemistry and second semester of general or specialized chemistry) - 6 semester hours (UNCW: CHM 101 and CHM 102)
  • Physics - 6 semester hours (UNCW: PHY/L 101 and PHY/L 102)
  • Statistics - 3 semester hours (UNCW: STT 210 or STT 215)
  • Psychology (general and specialized) - 6 semester hours (UNCW: PSY 105 and another PSY course)

UNCW course recommendations: Student must verify the correct coursework needed for each program.