UNC Chapel Hill: Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Program: 3 years (36 months consisting of 114 credit hours), admits 30 students, and starts in August.

Application: Deadline is October 2nd for following fall (portal opens previous July). Program  admits students on a rolling basis, so apply early. An interview is a part of the process. 

In-State Tuition (total): $67,500. This does not include additional costs/fees ($8,667).

Admission Info:

  • Average GPA: 3.57 (3.05-4.0)
  • Average Prerequisite GPA: 3.48 (3.26-4.0)
  • Average GRE Scores: Verbal - 63%; Quantitative - 57%; Analytical Writing - 53%
  • Health care experience: 100 hours of observing/shadowing a physical therapist are required.  We also require that observation/job shadowing be completed at a minimum of 3 different settings (with a minimum of 16 hours in at least three settings).
  • Three letters of recommendation: One must be written by a licensed Physical Therapist.


These courses can be taken on-line or in-person at any accredited four-year institution or community college.

  • Introductory Statistics (3 credit hours)  (UNCW: STT 210 or STT 215)
  • Principles of Biology I with Lab (4 credit hours) (UNCW:  BIO/L 201)
  • General Chemistry I with Lab (4 credit hours)  (UNCW: CHM 101)
  • Human Anatomy with Lab  (4 credit hours)  (UNCW: BIO/L 240 )
  • Physiology  (3 credit hours)  (UNCW: BIO/L 241)
  • General Psychology (3 credit hours)  (UNCW: PSY 105)
  • Exercise Physiology (3 credit hours; lab is recommended if offered, but not required) (UNCW: EXS/L 320)
  • General Physics I with Lab (algebra-based is preferred) (4 credit hours)  (UNCW: PHY/L 101)
  • General Physics II with Lab (algebra-based is preferred) (4 credit hours)  (UNCW: PHY/L 102)

Two additional courses are required for applicants starting in 2019 for admission in Fall of 2020:

  • General Chemistry II with Lab (4 credit hours)  (UNCW: CHM/L 102)
  • 2nd course in human biology (not botany) such as: microbiology, genetics, cell biology, immunology, histology, or general biology II (with lab) if concentration of material is on human biology. (UNCW:  BIO/L 202 or other)

UNCW course recommendations: Student must verify the correct coursework needed for each program.