FAQs: Prelicensure

General Questions

1) Am I a competitive student?

  • We cannot guarantee your successful admission. However, we can share past data with you that may help you in gauging your competitiveness. Please see the Admissions Information page.

2) What is the Forgivable Education Loans for Service (FELS) program?

  • This loan provides financial assistance to in-state students who are committed to working in North Carolina. For information, visit www.cfnc.org/FELS.

3) Are scholarships available to nursing students?

  • Yes, there are over 50 scholarships available to current nursing students.

4) If I have already taken STT and/or BIO 241, can I substitute another prerequisite in its place in my program of study?

  • Yes, you can substitute PSY 223, BIO 246, or PAR. You can also substitute a basic/university studies course.

5) I was accepted to UNCW, does that mean I will get accepted to the nursing program?

  • No, acceptance to UNCW does not guarantee admittance to the Nursing Program.

6) Once I am in the nursing program, can I take courses in the summer?

  • Nursing courses are not offered in the summer. However, you may take other non-nursing courses during the summer.

7) Where are the clinical sites located?

  • New Hanover, Onslow, Brunswick, and Pender Counties .

Transfer Student Questions:

1) I am transferring courses into UNCW. How do I know what will transfer?

  • You may take classes at another institution. However, verify with the UNCW Registrar to ensure that each course will transfer in as one of our prerequisites. Transfer credit equivalents can be found by visiting the Registars Office at: https://uncw.edu/reg/transfercredit.html

2) I am transferring into UNCW. Am I required to take courses at UNCW in order to apply to the SON?

  • No. However, you must be accepted to UNCW and pay your enrollment deposit prior to applying to the SON. You should apply (prior to March 1st) to UNCW for the Fall semester in order to apply (prior to July 1st) to the SON for the following Spring semester. If accepted to the SON, you would not be required to take a course at UNCW in the Fall Semester. However, you will need to submit a request in writing to the CHHS Office of Student Success (chhs@uncw.edu) to update your university application to Spring. If you are not accepted to the SON and desire to continue with UNCW, you must take at least one course in the Fall Semester to remain an active student.
  • If you apply to UNCW after March 1st, there is no guarantee that your transcripts will be evaluated in time to apply to the SON by the July 1st deadline.

3) Can I apply to both UNCW and the SON for the Fall semester?

  • It is possible to apply to both UNCW and the SON for the Fall semester. However, you must apply to UNCW prior to October 15th in order to be accepted to UNCW prior to the SON application deadline of December 15th. There is no guarantee that your acceptance to UNCW will be delivered in time to apply to the SON by December 15th.

4) I have taken BIO 240, 241, and 246, but I have not taken BIO 201. Do I have to go back and take BIO 201?

  • No. At UNCW, BIO 201 is a prerequisite for BIO 240 and 246. If you complete them at an institution in which BIO 201 is not a prerequisite, you will not need BIO 201. However, you are still required to take two approved science courses that fulfill university/basic studies. In addition, you will need to complete two science prerequisite courses prior to SON application.

Application/Admissions Questions:

Most questions can be answered by reviewing Admissions Info.

1) What are the prerequisites for admission?

  • Please see the Program Brochure.

2) What courses must I have completed in order to apply for admission?

  • You must complete a minimum of CHM 101, one biology course (BIO 201, BIO 240, or BIO 246), one math or statistic course (MAT 111, 112, 115, 151, 152, 161, 162, or STT 210, STT 215, QMM 280 or PSY 225), PSY105 and (SOC105, ECN 125, or ECN 221). In total, you must have a minimum of five of these courses completed in order to apply. At least one course in each category (Math/Science and Designated Prerequisites) must be completed for a grade in order to be evaluated for admission potential.

3) Do all prerequisite and corequisite courses need to be completed in order to start the program?

  • BIO 240 must be successfully completed before the student starts the program.
  • Other courses can be completed concurrently with the first semester courses of the nursing program (NSG 250 & NSG 252). All required prerequisite and corequisite courses must be successfully completed in order to be eligible for the second semester nursing courses (NSG 320, 415, 324 & 326).

4) What if I have taken a higher level course, can I substitute it for one of the prerequisites?

  • No. For example, if you have taken CHM 102, we will not evaluate it because it is not one of the prerequisites. The only exception is BIO 425 can be substituted for BIO 246, as they are both Microbiology courses.

5) The nursing program no longer requires a CNA, LPN, or EMT. Will having one improve my competitiveness?

  • No, it is not used in our evaluation criteria.

6) Do I have to take the TEAS assessment at UNCW?

  • No, if a student chooses to take the TEAS Test at another testing center, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are taking the correct version of the TEAS Test and that UNCW receives his/her official scores via ATI Testing prior to the end of the test administration period. The student will need to go to the ATI Store (online store) and request his/her transcript. UNCW will be in the drop down menu on the website (online store) when they select TEAS Transcript.

7) Will my AP courses be evaluated?

  • No, we do not be use AP scores in our evaluation. You will get credit for the course, but your score will not affect your standing. At least one course in each category (Science/Math Prerequisites and Designated Prerequisites) must be completed for a grade in order to be evaluated for admission potential.

8) I took classes a long time ago. Will they be evaluated?

  • Science prerequisite courses (CHM 101, BIO 201, BIO 240, BIO 241, and BIO 246) and Math prerequisite courses (MAT 111, 112, 115, 151, 152, 161, 162, and STT 210, STT 215, QMM 280 and PSY 225) must have been completed at least 10 years prior to your application. If they are older than 10 years, you must retake/audit those courses (this is the only situation in which we allow auditing of courses). Non Math/Science courses older than 10 years may be retaken/audited – check with your advisor for approval.

9) If I have taken a course, can I retake that course to get a better grade?

  • GPA will be calculated based on all completed credit bearing courses. Students may repeat all prerequisite courses, regardless of first grade earned. The highest grade will be used in the evaluation of the application.
  • For courses with multiple options in a category, students may repeat all courses in that category once and the highest grade will be used in the evaluation of the application. The following categories apply to this rule: MAT Category, SOC/ECN Category, PAR Category, and STT Category. For example, if a student earned a C in PAR 101, and repeated for a grade of B, that student could not take PAR 101 a third time, but could take one of the other PAR options.
  • The repeated course may be taken at UNCW or transferred into UNCW from another institution.

10) What Math and English courses does a student need to be accepted to UNCW?

  • Two transferable English courses are required. Courses must transfer into UNCW as an equivalent and must earn a C or better. Please refer to the Transfer Course Equivalents webpage for additional information. A transferable Math course is recommended.

Alternative Option Questions:

1) Should I apply to other Nursing Programs?

  • Yes, we strongly encourage all students to explore other nursing programs in case they are not accepted to the UNCW SON. Some other nursing programs may require a second chemistry course, a nutrition course, and the lab component for BIO 246.

2) Is there a required lab component for BIO 246?

  • The UNCW SON does not require a lab component for BIO 246. However, if you are applying to other nursing programs, some of them may require it.

3) If I apply to the Nursing Program and don’t get in, what are my options?

  • Some students choose to reapply the following semester, apply to other BSN programs, apply to an ADN program at a community college, or switch their major to Clinical Research, Community Health, etc.

4) What is a 2nd degree BSN?

A 2nd degree BSN is a bachelor level nursing program specifically set up for students who have already earned a bachelor degree in a major OUTSIDE of NURSING and desire a career in Nursing. The North Carolina Universities listed below offer these programs and each link details that specific universities admissions requirements and length of the program. This would be a great option if your passion is to get into nursing and you want to remain at UNCW.