Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the DNP curriculum, the new graduate will be able to:

  1. Integrate science from nursing and other disciplines to identify, develop, and evaluate practice change initiatives that improve individual and population health
  2. Demonstrate leadership within healthcare systems to adopt strategies to improve quality and safety.
  3. Incorporate knowledge of evidence-based practice into advanced decision-making through the evaluation and translation of evidence into practice.
  4. Analyze, apply and integrate appropriate information and technology that will improve and transform care at the individual and population level.
  5. Critically analyze health policy to develop and implement health care reform that advocates for social justice and equity.
  6. Engage in advanced decision-making within an inter-professional environment that results in culturally aware, ethical, and comprehensive systems of care.
  7. Demonstrate high levels of skills in health promotion and disease prevention strategies for individuals, populations and systems.