CHHS Welcomes NC Alliance for Health Professions Diversity to McNeill Hall

On Friday, August 19, the UNCW College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) welcomed the NC Alliance for Health Professions Diversity (NCAHPD) to McNeill Hall for their quarterly meeting.

NCAHPD is an organization consisting of faculty, administrators and students of health schools, health organizations and related institutions dedicated to bringing awareness of the lack of diversity in the workforce.

CHHS hosted the meeting and participated as a member institution by presenting strategies on diversifying and improving cultural competence in the health professions workforce. In return, participants received continuing education credit.

Enhancing diversity is an important part of the CHHS strategic plan. CHHS intends to work collaboratively with the NCAHPD and its members to determine appropriate strategies for enhancing the diversity of the workforce in Health and Human Services and enhancing the workforce’s ability to work with diverse populations.

Senior Associate Dean of CHHS, Kathy Browder said there are two components to that effort: 1) working with the current workforce through engagement and continuing education activities and 2) enhancing CHHS recruitment and education efforts in our preparation of the future workforce.

The speakers at the event included UNCW’s Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Kent Guion; Founding Dean of CHHS, Dr. Charles Hardy; Dr. Kathy Browder; and Social Work Professor, Dr. Peter Nguyen.

Event Photos