Health Transformation Lecture Series

The Health Transformation Lecture series is a regular series of on-campus and community-related events that focus on the recent changes in health care, affecting health care delivery and finance. These events include talks by nationally recognized leaders in health care, discussions of the particular aspects of change in healthcare, televised and web-linked interviews with regional experts and conferences on important developments and innovation.

The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS), in partnership with Brunswick Community College (BCC), Cape Fear Community College (CFCC), South East Area Health Education Center (SEAHEC), and the UNC School of Medicine Wilmington Campus, is committed to understanding the changes in health care by involving health professionals, providers, employers, community groups, consumers and students in these informed discussions.

The Health Transformation Lecture series allows the CHHS to build a sustainable and structured relationship between UNCW, the college and the larger health care community via partnerships with health care professionals, professional organizations, third party payers, community-based health advocacy groups and consumers.

In addition, the engagement of dialogue regarding the transition to a new model of health care enhances the communication, understanding and effectiveness of partnerships in order to better provide services and positively impact the health and well-being of our region's urban and rural communities.

Previous Speakers

Dr. Jeffrey LevineAging Across America: A conversation with artist Jeffrey M. Levine, MD
September 2021

View the Aging Across America virtual exhibit then hear a conversation with the artist. Using photos from the exhibit, Dr. Jeffrey M. Levine discusses the demographics of aging in America and how the image of aging is changing — and staying the same. He also highlights his journey of photographing aging and how art has been a source of resiliency for him throughout his medical career. Levine is associate professor of geriatric medicine and palliative care at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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  • Food for Thought (Nov. 2020)
    • Robert Egger, Founder and President of L.A. Kitchen
  • The Promise of Collective Impact (Oct. 2019) Robert Albright, Director of Programs for the Community Impact Forum
  • Harnessing Your Power to Create Change (March 2019)
    • Derreck Kayongo, Entrepreneur, Global Soap Project Founder, and Former CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights
  • Let’s Talk: End of Life Care is Everyone’s Business (Nov. 2018)
    • Jason Clamme: Lower Cape Fear Hospice
    • Tanya Fermin-Jones: filmmaker (The Arrangements) and entrepreneur
    • Dr. Anne Glass: gerontology professor, UNC Wilmington
    • Andrew Olsen: Elder Law Practice Group
    • Jason Wheeler: Pathfinder Wealth Consulting
  • Nick Buettner, Blue Zones Community and Corporate Program Director (April 2018)
  • Dr. Bennet Omalu, Physician, Forensic Pathologist and Neuropathologist (March 2017)
  • Glen de Vries, President & Co-founder of Medidata Solutions (Nov. 2017)
  • Mr. T.R. Reid, Wilmington Health Associates, NCAARP and CHHS (Oct. 2016 | Nov. 2013)
  • Eliana Perrin, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, UNC Chapel Hill (April 2016)
  • Tom Main, Director of the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center (Feb. 2016)
  • A Discussion on the Transformation of Healthcare in Southeastern North Carolina (Nov. 2015)
  • Sloan Gibson, Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs (Jan. 2015)
  • Jeff James, CEO of Wilmington Health 
  • Dr. Paul Grundy, IBM's Global Director of Healthcare Transformation (April 2014)
  • Dr. Robert Neese, Wilmington Health Associates & CHHS (Aug. 2013)
  • Dr. Donald Fisher, Wilmington Health Associates (Feb. 2013)