College of Arts & Sciences

Scoring Rubrics:


As part of the VALUE project, a team of educators has created a set of institution-level rubrics for assessing the 15 AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes. Many of these outcomes correspond to the UNCW Learning Goals. Three of these rubrics (Critical Thinking, Inquiry, and Written Communication) are presently used to assess the extent to which our students are achieving these goals within their Basic Studies coursework.

Many of these rubrics, in whole or in part, are also of value when assessing program-level and course-level learning outcomes in the majors. Faculty working on rubrics for specific assignments will find parts of many of these rubrics helpful in listing the dimensions of the task as well as defining quality standards for levels of performance. AAC&U encourages the adaptation of these rubrics to the culture and needs of individual institutions.

Creative Thinking Rubric

Critical Thinking Rubric

Information Literacy Rubric

Inquiry and Analysis Rubric

Oral Communication Rubric

Problem Solving Rubric

Quantitative Literacy Rubric

Reading Rubric

Teamwork Rubric

Written Communication Rubric

Additional rubrics and information about the VALUE project can be found at VALUE.

Last modified February 15, 2010.