College of Arts & Sciences

EXTENDED! CAS Undergraduate Research & Creativity Scholarship

As a result of the third annual College of Arts and Sciences Homecoming 5K, twenty awards valued at $250 each will be awarded to undergraduate students with a major in CAS to support education-related applied learning expenses in 2018. These scholarships will support students who are planning travel to present research, for scholarship, or a creative activity, or who are conducting a project within one of these domains that requires purchasing supplies. We strongly encourage students from all CAS departments and programs to apply.

Eligible students may apply by submitting an application by April 17, 2018.

The final deadline for all reimbursements is November 30, 2018.

Who is eligible to apply?
• Currently enrolled undergraduate students with a declared major in CAS
• Full-time and part-time students
• Non-traditional and veteran students
• Students who are graduating in summer 2018 or later

Eligibility Restrictions
• Seniors graduating in May 2018 are not eligible.
• Graduate students are not eligible.
• Clubs and student organizations are not eligible.
• Full-time UNCW employees who are also students are not eligible.
• Student initiatives only; departmental projects are not eligible.

Awards will be provided as reimbursements. Recipients must adhere to the following guidelines and deadlines to be eligible for reimbursement. Students are responsible for contacting the administrative associate in their home department prior to their project or travel start date to process their reimbursement.

Creative Activities and Supplies

  • Students must provide original receipts showing a $0.00 balance within 30 days of the transaction date.
  • Receipts must be provided to your home department’s administrative associate.
  • Items on your receipts must match the nature of your approved proposal.

 Travel Initiatives

  • All travel must be authorized prior to the date of departure.
  • Students must provide their travel details to their administrative associate prior to departure, including destination, travel dates, travel purpose and estimated expenses up to $250.
  • Students must provide original receipts showing a $0.00 balance within 30 days of returning from their trip.
  • If your receipt does not clearly show your payment method, provide a bank statement or credit card statement as proof of payment for the transaction.
  • The travel purpose must match the nature of your approved proposal.
  • Meals are reimbursed based on state rates. No need to provide meal receipts.
  • To be reimbursed for lodging, students must provide receipts from a hotel or motel. Third-party lodging in an apartment, house rental, dorm, etc. is not reimbursable. 
  • Rental cars and fuel for rental cars are reimbursable with appropriate receipts provided.
  • If students are not eligible to rent a car, they may be reimbursed for mileage using a personal vehicle. Mileage is reimbursed based on state rates. No need to provide fuel receipts if you are driving a personal vehicle.
  • If your travel involves multiple days of driving, please keep a mileage log and submit it to your home department’s administrative associate at the end of each month.

Research Initiatives

  • Students who are approved to receive payment for their hours worked must provide their home department’s administrative associate with their name, 850-number and work dates prior to the first day of work.
  • Prior to the first day of work, students are responsible for meeting with Human Resources to complete a Form I-9. Check the list of acceptable documents you must bring with you.
  • Students are responsible for submitting an online timesheet in SeaNet each month.

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