College of Arts & Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences Visiting Artist and Scholar Program Welcomes Marine Ecologist Luis A. Hückstädt

JANUARY 12, 2021

Luis A. Hückstädt will join the Department of Biology and Marine Biology for a semester-long residency beginning January 2021 as part of the College of Arts and Sciences’ Visiting Artist and Scholar Program.

Hückstädt is a marine ecologist and assistant researcher at the University of California Santa Cruz Institute of Marine Sciences. His research focuses on understanding the role large predators, particularly marine mammals, play in marine ecosystems, especially in areas more susceptible to human-induced climatic change.

As a CAS Visiting Scholar, Hückstädt will teach a course examining stable isotope analyses in animal ecophysiological studies. He will also be working with other UNCW faculty to develop a research proposal to study nutritional stress in marine mammals.

“The Department of Biology and Marine Biology is very pleased that Dr. Hückstädt will be joining us as a Visiting Scholar,” said Department Chair Heather Koopman. “His expertise in marine mammal ecology, specifically the myriad of techniques he uses to study where animals go, what they eat (or when they don’t!), and how they reproduce, is impressive, and we look forward to him sharing this information with our students and our faculty.” 

Established in 2019, the CAS Visiting Artist and Scholar Program brings visiting faculty members from different disciplines to UNCW to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration and applied learning.

-G. Guthrie