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UNCW Students Participate in Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Marine Mammal Symposium

APRIL 3, 2019

UNCW biology and marine biology students participated in the 2019 Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Marine Mammal Symposium (SEAMAMMS) March 29-31 in Washington DC. Georgetown University hosted the event, which included a tour of the Smithsonian “Whale Warehouse,” the largest collection of marine mammals in the world.

Doctoral candidate Tiffany Keenan-Bateman ’15M, ’20 Ph.D., master’s candidate Carrie Rowlands ’19M and undergraduate students Lacey Annas ’19, Sam Cromer ’19 and Trevor Roche ’20 presented oral and poster presentations at the symposium. Rowlands was recognized for Best Graduate Student Poster Presentation on the topic, “Comparative morphology of the spinal cord and associated vasculature in shallow vs. deep diving cetaceans.”

“SEAMAMMS is a student-focused, regional, marine mammal meeting. Students can present their work to a collegial and constructively critical audience, network with other students and meet scientists working in the field,” said Ann Pabst, professor of biology and marine biology. “This year, eight students from UNCW traveled to the meeting and five presented their research. It was a great event!”

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-G. Guthrie