College of Arts & Sciences

UNCW College of Arts and Sciences Visiting Artist and Scholar Program Welcomes New Faculty for Fall 2019

OCTOBER 2, 2019

The UNCW College of Arts and Sciences will welcome Philippe Soudant to the Department of Biology and Marine Biology for fall 2019 as part of the college’s Visiting Artist and Scholar Program.

Soudant, a marine biologist and director of research at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale in France, will offer undergraduate and graduate students lab training and workshops focusing on flow cytometry and marine lipid biochemistry.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Soudant joining the department this fall,” said Heather Koopman, chair of the Department of Biology and Marine Biology. “His ability to impart his knowledge and expertise in marine physiology and biochemistry will be a huge benefit to our students and to our faculty. We look forward to formal and informal interactions, and to the conception of new research ideas.”

CAS invites at least one visiting artist/scholar per semester, rotating among arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences disciplines. Residencies last a minimum of seven weeks and include collaborative research, student and faculty workshops, public lectures and performances.

“Two key goals of the CAS strategic plan are to cultivate global engagement, perspective and access, as well as empower students in their education,” said Rich Ogle, interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “Dr. Soudant’s residency at UNCW will be a powerful instantiation of these goals and serve as a vibrant applied learning experience for our students.”

The program is supported in part by the Beane Wright Foundation through UNCW Board of Trustees member Agnes R. Beane.

“We appreciate the support of the Beane Wright Foundation for the CAS Visiting Artist and Scholar Program,” said Ogle. “The Beane Wright Foundation’s partnership has been instrumental to the success of a program that allows us to support a distinguished scholar such as Dr. Soudant.”

- G. Guthrie