College of Arts & Sciences

CAS Students Receive Undergraduate Creative-Activity and Scholarship Awards to Support Applied Learning

APRIL 12, 2019

The College of Arts and Sciences has awarded 15 students scholarships as part of the newly launched Undergraduate Creative-Activity and Scholarship Award Program.

The program facilitates and supports faculty mentoring and student applied-learning, and reflects the college’s commitment to undergraduate research and scholarly activity.

“This initiative will enhance the student experience by strengthening the faculty-student dynamic,” said CAS Dean Aswani Volety. “One of the college’s strategic priorities is to cultivate faculty and student scholarship, and this new program encourages undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities across the curriculum.”

The program, funded through the CAS Excellence Fund and CAS Homecoming 5K, awards students up to $300 to cover the costs of their proposed project, including academic travel, conference registration fees, supplies and equipment, and other research materials.

“Experiential learning is integral to student success, and we hope the Undergraduate Creative-Activity and Scholarship Award Program will encourage more students to seek a faculty mentor and pursue their research interests outside the classroom,” said Volety.

A list of award recipients and faculty mentors is here.

 -G. Guthrie