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UNCW Film Studies Professor André Silva Receives Prestigious NC Artist Fellowship Award


André Silva, an associate professor in UNCW’s Department of Film Studies, is the recipient of a 2018-19 NC Artist Fellowship from the North Carolina Arts Council.

Silva will use the $10,000 award to complete “GIFnosis,” the second installment of “The Genesis Trilogy,” a series of short experimental animations that probe the relationships between digital, biological, cultural and environmental programs running humans.

“GIFnosis” draws upon the Gnostic interpretation of the Genesis creation myth and is composed entirely of GIF animations. The film explores the role of humans in creating digital technology and the effects that technology has on the future.

“With help from the North Carolina Arts Council, I will complete "GIFnosis" and start developing the final film of the trilogy,” said Silva. “This final film will explore the linkages between the biosphere, virtual landscapes and states of consciousness to suggest the existence of a multi-layered simulation which contains both the biological and digital worlds.”

Silva’s first film in the trilogy, "cyberGenesis," employed a crowdsourcing model to gather artwork, video, ideas and music from an online global community to incorporate into the film’s structure and style. “cyberGenesis” played at twenty-one juried film festivals internationally and won seven awards, including five “Best of” awards.

-G. Guthrie