College of Arts & Sciences

UNCW Communication Studies Professor Julie-Ann
Scott-Pollock Recognized for Best Publications of 2018

NOVEMBER 27, 2018

UNCW Communication Studies Professor Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock received the NCA’s Best Ethnographic Book of 2018 award for her book, Embodied Performance as Applied Research Art and Pedagogy, as well the association’s awards for Best Ethnographic Research Article of 2018 and Best Ethnographic Book Chapter of 2018.

The NCA review committee described Scott-Pollock’s book as “an interdisciplinary work of applied research where she weaves performance studies, crip studies, health communication, critical pedagogy and critical autoethnography across eleven chapters” and noted its value to performance studies, health communication and autoethnography educators.

Scott-Pollock's scholarship focuses on performance studies, performance ethnography, personal narrative, identity and difference, and disability studies. She is the director of The UNCW Storytellers, Hawk Tale Players, and Just Us: Performance Troupe for Social Justice, and the co-director of UNCW Performance Ethnography.

“These projects are all possible because UNCW Applied Learning enables me to integrate my research into my pedagogy through applied learning and take on undergraduate research assistants,” Scott-Pollock said. “The work resonates across academic and general audiences.”

Founded in 1914, the association recognizes outstanding scholarship, teaching and professional service in communication.

“I am so grateful that UNCW provides the university culture and resources to facilitate the undergraduate student collaborations in my research and performance art to reach a level that my national peers see as innovative and valuable,” Scott-Pollock said. “These awards were such a surprise, and I’m excited to continue this work.”

-G. Guthrie