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UNCW Professor Paul Castagno Receives Oslo International Acting Festival 2018 Pedagogical Award

JUNE 26, 2018

UNCW Theatre Professor Paul Castagno was honored by the Oslo International Acting Festival (OIAF) for his work to advance the theory and practice of polyvocal playwriting.

Castagno received the festival’s prestigious Pedagogical Award, which recognizes a single educator’s lifetime contribution to pedagogy and practice in the discipline of theatre. Described as a “new poetics,” Castagno’s groundbreaking work is widely influential and cited in the pedagogy of contemporary playwriting around the world. At the OIAF, his work was used to demonstrate how polyvocality can now be applied to acting practice. Castagno’s editions of New Playwriting Strategies provided the basis for the EU Collective Plays! Project.

“Prior recipients of this award are recognized as leaders in our field, thus, this recognition as a world class pedagogue and scholar is most gratifying,” said Castagno. “While it is a career milestone for me, it also enhances UNCW’s reputation as a leader in the arts, globalization and in pedagogical research.”

Castagno received the award at the OIAF on June 10. This year’s festival included workshops, debates and presentations related to polyvocal acting and was held at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO). Castagno was a featured speaker and panelist; he also conducted a playwriting workshop with international playwrights and actors.

-G. Guthrie