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UNCW’s Michaela Howells Receives Distinguished Alumni Award

MARCH 8, 2018

Michaela Howells, assistant professor in UNCW’s Department of Anthropology, is the recipient of the inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies at Central Washington University (CWU). She received a B.A. in anthropology and a B.S. in primate behavior and ecology in 2002 from the university.

Howells was recognized on February 22 during a public lecture and reception. Using a bio-cultural anthropological approach, she shared her ongoing research in American Samoa focusing on health care disparities surrounding the Zika Virus. She also shared insights into her newest research from her site suggesting tattooed people may have more resilient immune systems.

“CWU provided a powerful anthropological education similar to what we offer our undergraduates at UNCW," Howells said. "It was fundamental in shaping me as a researcher and faculty member. I am proud to be the inaugural recipient of this award and pleased to have the chance to share my research with the CWU community.”