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UNCW Students Participate in Engineering Design Day

The NC State Engineering 2+2 Transfer Program hosted its 5th annual Engineering Design Day and Showcase on November 20. The event was an opportunity for the nearly 70 students enrolled in the Engineering 101 course at UNCW to demonstrate their design projects.

Project categories included water fountains, arcade games and Rube Goldberg machines. Student teams planned their design, gathered materials and constructed the projects while adhering to a $40 budget and various design constraints. Jill Giuffre, the program’s administrative associate, organized the event and representatives from Evoqua Water Technologies, the Army Corps of Engineers, GE Hitachi and Corning judged the students’ projects.

Benjamin Latter, Chadwick Ramsey, William Gerull and Laura Alves earned first place in the arcade game category as well as overall first place in the competition for their bowling alley game. William Jarratt, Christopher Cruz, Jacob Miles and Asa Van Norman earned first place in the Rube Goldberg category for their wooden design, and Noah Baker, Alex Glackin, Darrell Rivers and Andrey Little earned top honors in the water fountain category for their dragon fountain.

Student Alex Glackin enjoyed the challenge of designing a water fountain. “The project allowed us to test our problem solving skills, creativity and the engineering design process,” he said. “Working on my group’s dragon fountain was challenging, but the effort and time put into it paid off. A rough estimate for the overall time spent working on it was thirty hours. In the end, it was extremely rewarding to see others impressed by our fountain.”

Established in 1998, the 2+2 program offers students an opportunity to complete the first two years of an engineering degree program at UNCW and then transfer to NC State University to complete their undergraduate degree. At least 90% of the program’s students are successfully working toward engineering degrees or have graduated.

“I am so proud of the work the students did to create their projects this year,” said Amy Craig Reamer, program director. “It is important that engineering students learn to apply the engineering design cycle and be able to plan, construct and test a real product.”

-G. Guthrie