Saturday, March 10 | Notices

Note change in location for this post-conference workshop.
2:00pm-5:00pm | Post-Conference Workshop C | Refining and Sharing Your Work in Experiential Learning: Practitioner-Scholarship, Part II | Leutze 134

**See Whova, the conference app, for the location of the “end-of-conference gathering” beginning at 5:30pm, Saturday, March 10.

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Our formal schedule will be available via the Whova app. Conference attendees should have recieved via email to download the Whova app.

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Workshop Descriptions

Thursday, March 8

Make the most of your time in Wilmington! CALHE is partnering with veteran experiential learning practitioner-scholar (and NC native) Dr. Patti H. Clayton to offer opportunities before and after the conference to come together as a community, further explore intentional design of experiential learning, and launch or refine associated scholarship. Register for one or all; note combo discounts.

Pre-conference workshop Descriptions

Session A (pre-conference): 11:00 – 3:00, Thursday March 8, $125 (vegetarian lunch available)

Designing Experiential Learning for Learning, Change, and Inquiry

Use several frameworks and tools – applicable across all forms of experiential learning – to examine and deepen alignment between learning goals, teaching and learning strategies, and assessment – with a particular focus on critical reflection as a means of generating, deepening, and documenting learning in ways that can improve practice and provide a basis for scholarship. Registrants will be provided with an advance reading and will receive a substantial packet of materials, worksheets, and references.

Session B (pre-conference): 3:15 – 4:45, Thursday March 8, $50 (snack included)

Refining and Sharing Your Work in Experiential Learning: Practitioner-Scholarship, Part I

What do you – or do you want to -- inquire into as a practitioner-scholar of experiential learning? What can others learn from your work? In this session we will share with one another areas of current and potential inquiry, explore related examples of scholarly work in experiential learning, and begin to use a simple set of questions designed to support framing and deepening our work as scholarship. We will also prepare ourselves to take full advantage of our conference participation as a stimulus to further developing our own scholarship.

Saturday, March 10

Post-conference workshop description

Session C (post-conference): 2:00 – 5:00, Saturday March 10, $75 (snack included)

Refining and Sharing Your Work in Experiential Learning: Practitioner-Scholarship, Part II

We will convene after the closing lunch to refine the questions we want to inquire into and the methods we use. We will critically examine example scholarship products (e.g., abstracts for conference sessions and articles, article introductions) and example feedback from peer reviews, generating key elements of high-quality scholarship and applying them individually and collaboratively to our own work.

Combination Discounts on Workshops

Combo #1 discount: Both pre-conference sessions (A and B), $150

Combo #2 discount: Sessions B and C (focused on scholarship), $100

Combo #3 discount: All three sessions, $200