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B-GLAD is an acronym for Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, and Allies for Diversity and the name B-GLAD was chosen because it is:
  1. inclusive of allies and others that make up the community as whole.
  2. identifiable to those that would be most in need of understanding what the acronym stands for(Many notable universities around the country, but most notably in North Carolina have BGLAD as the their gay and lesbian student association. i.e. East Carolina, UNCG etc.)
  3. At the onset of Project B-GLAD this name was also consistent with the UNCW Gay and Lesbian student organization's name change(PRIDE changed its name that year to BGLAD, but has since turned it back to PRIDE - People Recognizing Individual Differences Exist) and
  4. allowing for emphasis to be placed on the positive aspects of the work at hand (by taking out "safe" and have "glad" as part of the name, we are in effect giving it a different tone and emphasis.)