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Brudney filming

Meet Dr. Jeffrey L. Brudney

Dr. Jeffrey L. Brudney is the inaugural holder of the Betty and Dan Cameron Family Distinguished Professorship of Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The Urban Institute in Washington, DC, calls Dr. Brudney "the foremost research expert on volunteer management programs and community volunteer centers in the United States."

Dr. Brudney involves students in the community through coursework, research projects, and other creative activity, such as film-making about local nonprofit organizations. His course "Nonprofit Leadership Experience" (PLS 434) is the ideal class for getting students involved! After extensive in-class instruction and networking with guest speakers from nonprofit organizations, students perform a project for local nonprofits that enriches their knowledge, skills, and résumés, -- and builds the capacity of the nonprofit organizations as well. Students can also increase their knowledge and skills by conducting research with Dr. Brudney, including projects funded through the Summer Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards (SURCA) and Applied Learning.

Dr. Brudney works with student filmmakers to make films that encourage giving, volunteering, and involvement in the community. His first film, Building a Better Wilmington: Giving and Volunteering in the Port City, was selected for the 2013 Cucalorus Film Festival. His film, Brushstrokes, was selected for the Cucalorus Film Festival in 2017. Dr. Brudney also makes Community Spotlight Films with students that highlight the good work of local nonprofit organizations.

Dr. Brudney leads UNCW's Minor in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. He serves as Coordinator for the Minor. Please click here for more details. 

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