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Featured Article:

An article by Jeffrey Brudney, Betty and Dan Cameron Family Distinguished Professor of Innovation in the Non-Profit Sector, UNCW Public and International Affairs, has been selected as one of the 75 most influential articles to appear in the Public Administration Review (PAR) since its inception in 1940.

"Toward a Definition of the Coproduction Concept," appeared in the journal in 1983. "I am deeply honored by this most noteworthy achievement," says Brudney. "More than 3,500 articles have appeared in PAR, so being selected as one of the 75 most influential is quite an accomplishment."

The PAR Editorial Board selected the articles after an eight-month review process. The 75 articles will be officially announced at the 75th anniversary conference of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), which convenes March 14-17 in Washington, D.C. The authors themselves will be honored at a reception during the 2015 ASPA National Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Recent Books:

Applied Statistics for Public and Nonprofit Administration. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Ninth Edition. (External Link)

Recent Journal Articles:

"Overlooking an International Movement in Volunteerism? Understanding Citizen Involvement in Volunteer Centers." Pages 125-143 in Eberhard Bohne, John D. Graham, Jos C. N. Raadschelders, with Jesse Paul Lehrke (eds.) Public Administration and the Modern State: Assessing Trends and Impact. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. (External Link)

"Lo, the Poor Volunteer Manager: Hollywood's Nonprofit Volunteer and Volunteer Manager." Public Voice, vol.XIV, no.1 (2015), pp. 77-96 (External Link)

"Doing Good, Public Good, and Public Value: Why the Differences Matter." Nonprofit Management and Leadership, vol. 25, no. 1 (Fall 2014), pp. 23-40 (External Link)

"Models of Volunteer Management: Professional Volunteer Program Management in Social Work." Human Service Organizations Management, Leadership & Governance, vol. 38, no. 3 (2014), pp. 297-309. (External Link)

"Projections and Policies for Volunteer Programs: The Implications of the Serve America Act for Volunteer Diversity and Management." Nonprofit Management and Leadership, vol. 24, no.1 (2013), pp.3-21. (External Link)

"Coproduction of Government Services and the New Information Technology: Investigating the Distributional Biases." Public Administration Review, vol. 73, no. 5 (2013), pp. 687-701.(External Link)

"Our Common Commons: Policies for Sustaining Volunteer Energy." Nonprofit Policy Forum, vol. 4, no.1 (2013), pp. 29-45. (External Link)

"Adding Assets to Needs:Creating a Community Data Landscape." Journal for Nonprofit Management, vol.16, no.1 (2013), pp. 5-18.(External Link)