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FEB. 14-16

Telling submerged stories through dance

Audiences can expect to experience all aspects of this residency as a spectator inside insight into the creative process from inception to project development.  The residency program is an invitation from Kevin Lee-Y Green to engage in a myriad of artistic processes with TECHMOJA.  Those who participate will learn tools to apply to their own projects outside of the Artistic realm.

With a vision to create an indigenous body of theater and modern dance rooted in tradition and reflective of the lives of southeastern North Carolina’s people, Techmoja enlivens communities by creating a deep sense of cultural understanding through the performing arts. Techmoja believes that the arts can connect people across boundaries through collaboration and the telling of submerged storiesTechmoja emerged from the multi-year collaboration between Kevin Lee-Y Green, a director and choreographer, and his mother, Donna Joyner Green, an arts administrator and culture bearer. This mother-son team believes the coastal region should have a platform for Black dance and theater.

Residency Schedule

Tuesday, February 15th from 1-2:15 p.m. at Kenan Auditorium

Resiliency Movement Workshop by Techmoja Dance and Theater Company director, Kevin Lee-Y Green

What is resilience? How does interconnectedness and mutuality inform resilience and build ties across race and class lines? How can we use dance to understand complex global events? How do we ethically work with traumatized communities? Participants of this movement workshop will explore these questions through movement exercises, dialogues, and story sharing that culminates in a performance. This is a FREE event.

Wednesday, February 16th from 12-1 p.m. at Kenan Auditorium

Lecture Demonstration of Quiet as It's Kept

Engage in a behind-the-scenes viewing of Quit As It's Kept, a modern dance project that explores the intersection of historical sexual trauma, southern culture, and silence in the African-American community. Techmoja Dance and Theater Company's Director, Kevin Lee-Y Green, and dancers will demonstrate sections of the work and address trauma through the choreographic process. Quiet As It's Kept will premier on February 24th at the Wilson Center.

Co-presented with the Wilson Center 

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