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Kenzie Keenan

Kenzie Kennan, "Softly"

Paper, acrylic and embroidery on canvas
Kenzie Keenan, "No Place Like Home"

No Place Like Home
Mixed Media on Drop Cloth
Kenzie Keenan, "Untitled"
Acrylic on canvas


Kenzie Keenan, "Untitled"
Embroidery on vintage remnant




What mediums do you work with?

I’m exploring all mediums right now, I’m interested in fibers, handmade paper, and embroidery for the past few years. I started with painting, and I still love painting.

What is your artistic process?
My process is really fast, I start, I don’t plan very much, once I start, I might pause and let it sit a long time until I’m ready again. I always work on a lot of pieces at the same time

Why do you add writing to your art?
Words are powerful and have different meaning to different people. It is a subjective thing for the viewer, they take what they want to take from it without my explanation.

What is your next professional step after UNCW?
Apply to Master’s programs, I’m interested in curating and working in the public sector in a museum. I like the art community, when I see a really good show, it gets me excited to make more and learn more about these artists.

Describe artwork in a couple of words?
Dynamic Collage

What made you full time into arts?
What I’m good at. Passionate and come back to it no matter what. I want to make stuff no matter what it is, I make music, creative writing, I enjoy those things but professionally visual arts am best.