UNCW Alumni get involved

Top 6 things to do as Seahawk Alumni

Seahawk talon 1. Connect with alumni during events and online.

The best way to network and make new friends to share UNCW experiences with is by attending an alumni event. Whether it be a chapter dinner or social in your area, a class or academic reunion on campus, events help you stay connected to fellow alumni and UNCW.

Find out about chapter leaders, alumni events, life after classes and more of alumni interest on the UNCW Alumni Blog. Network with alumni in your field and find out about career opportunities on the alumni LinkedIn group. You can also share stories and read comments from alumni on our Facebook page.

Seahawk talon 2. Stand up and be counted.

Identify yourself as one of the thousands of proud alumni who "Loves the Dub" or "Feels the Teal"; someone who comes back and gives back - in other words, someone who really cares about UNCW and its future. Learn about the Annual Fund campaign for alumni and how you can make a difference in the lives of students. See how your gift makes a difference in the area that matters the most to you!

Seahawk talon 3. Bring UNCW to the workplace.

Utilize the many resources available to alumni from the UNCW Career Center. If you are just starting your career or are in need of a change, they have the tools to keep you going.

Aid in the development of our students by hiring a Seahawk as an intern or new employee. Alumni can also present in classes as a guest speaker or on panel discussions that departments or student groups host.

Seahawk talon 4. Understand your benefits.

The alumni association partners with nationwide companies to provide you with discounts on insurance and a low interest rate credit card. For those who live close to College Road or will be visiting, there are a host of benefits available in Wilmington or on campus such as access to the swimming pool and Randall Library. There are also local benefits offered by hotels and restaurants for alumni.

Seahawk talon 5. Update your information.

The alumni office reaches out to our alumni most often by email. Occasionally, we will also mail postcards and invitations about events taking place such as Homecoming or chapter events. If you have recently moved, changed jobs, or email address, please update your contact information so we can still reach you.

Alumni also love hearing about what is going on in the lives of fellow Seahawks. If you have news you would like to share for the class notes section of the UNCW magazine, please email alumni@uncw.edu.

Seahawk talon 6. View Alumni Directory.

The Alumni Association has recently created an exclusive UNCW Alumni Directory where you can search and connect with fellow alumni in your area and around the world.