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Your Transfer to Teal Track

Welcome Transfer to Teal Students!

We are excited to welcome you to UNCW's Transfer to Teal Track. The Teal Track is a step-by-step guide that will provide you with the requirements and suggested courses that will help you become a competitive transfer applicant. Should you have any questions through this admission process, please feel free to contact a member of the Transfer Team in the Office of Admissions.

Transferring to UNC Wilmington

Please visit the Transfer Admissions Website and familiarize yourself with the application process.

We would strongly suggest you to submit your application for either summer or fall term in late December to early January once you have completed your first semester at your college and have registered for your spring courses.

Students may apply online to UNCW via CFNC (online)This will require that you register for an account with CFNC.  In an effort to protect our environment, we no longer print any paper applications. 

You will need to submit the following items:

  • FINAL high school transcript
    • Shows graduation date and completed senior courses
    • All students must meet NC's Minimum Course Requirements. If you do not already meet these requirements, please see ways to supplement the deficiency.
    • If you have attended a homeschool for your high school education, please note that your transcripts must be notarized prior to being sent to our office
  • OFFICIAL college transcript(s)
    • Please request these items after your fall grade have posted and once you have registered for your spring courses so we can see the work you have in progress.
  • $80 Application Fee

Suggested Courses

UNCW does not require Teal Track students to take a set schedule of courses; however, we do suggest possible courses you could take to be eligible to transfer to UNCW after your first year.

Below you will find a list of suggested courses to take during the fall and spring terms at your current institution. You can interchange them as needed, however, be sure to complete the English composition and mathematics courses in your first semester.

UNCW accepts transferable college-level credits from regionally accredited institutions that have a grade of a "C" or higher. Developmental, remedial, and/or technical credit will not be considered transferable work.

To ensure the courses you are taking will be considered transferable, please visit UNCW's Transfer Credit Equivalency.

Fall Semester
Suggested Course Course Examples
English Composition 1 College-level English
Mathematics College Algebra or a higher-level math
Science Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics
Social Science Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology
Spring Semester
Suggested Course Course Examples
English Composition 2 College-level Composition 2 or American Literature
Science Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics
History / Philosophy American History, World Civilization, Philosophy, Ethics
Social Science Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Contact Information

We are so proud that you've considered transferring into our university. In order to better assist you through the transfer admission process, our Transfer Admissions Team is more than happy to help you along the way. Should you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office via e-mail at or feel free to speak to a transfer counselor at (910) 962-3243.