Seahawk Territory Alumni Recruitment Team
(START) - College Fair Etiquette

During a Fair

College fairs are programs that introduce high school students and families to a variety of colleges. Several high schools in one area may sponsor a program or the program might be organized on a state or national level. The UNCW Office of Admissions receives hundreds of invitations throughout the year to attend such programs. Unfortunately, UNCW does not have the staff or the resources to be represented at each program, and this is where our START members play a large role.

Most college fairs are held in high school cafeterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums, or even in convention centers. Tables or booths are assigned for each college in attendance, and anywhere from 20-200 colleges could be participating. START members are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of a program to get oriented and to set up the UNCW table display. The UNCW Office of Admissions will provide you with a nametag that should be worn with business attire so that students, families, and college fair representatives can identify you as a member of UNCW's team. START members should maintain a professional demeanor, and refrain from eating or using a cell phone while behind an admissions table representing UNCW.

While at a college fair, START members talk with students and parents, hand out admissions information, and answer any UNCW questions that they can. You might not always know the answer to a question; always direct a student to contact the UNCW Office of Admissions as a follow-up.

For most students the START member might be the only face of UNCW they will see, so please be courteous, friendly, and informative. The college admissions process can be intimidating and stressful to students or parents, so be sure their interaction with UNCW is as pleasant as possible.

After a Fair

Once a college fair or school program is over, we ask that you complete a brief online evaluation. These program evaluations let the UNCW Office of Admissions know if it is a program we should continue to participate in, and how many students might have an interest in UNCW from the area.