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Non-Degree Seeking Admission -
Permission Students

Please be aware enrollment as a permission/visiting student from another institution in no way obligates the university to continue one's enrollment at UNCW at the expiration of the permission/visiting period.

Students currently enrolled in another college or university, who intend to return to their home institution, may attend UNCW as permission (visiting) student in the fall or spring semester. A student may only attend as a permission student for two consecutive semesters (not including summer sessions).


To attend during the fall or spring semesters, students must have:

  • Completed at least 24 hours of transferable college credit at their current institution
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale

How to Apply

  • You can apply online through the UNCW Application

  • Pay the non-Refundable $80 Application Fee
  • Submit official transcripts from the current or most recent institution you have attended


  • Fall - July 15
  • Spring - November 15

Admissions decision letters will be uploaded to your UNCW Applicant Portal and sent via US mail.

Academic Advising & Course Registration

Academic advising is not available for Permission students. If the course you wish to enroll in has pre-requisites, it is the student's responsibility to work with the Department to obtain the necessary override to enroll in the course.

Upon admission to UNCW as a Permission student, students may then register for classes by accessing SeaNet. For more information on class registration please visit the Office of the Registrar.

If you have questions about participating in the Horatio Alger Scholarship Program, please contact Please note the application fee is waived for students in the Horatio Alger Scholarship Program

Transfer of Credit

The university does not assume responsibility in determining a student's course selection when such credits are to be transferred elsewhere. Students are encouraged to work with their home institution to ensure credits completed at UNCW are transferable.

Transcripts of work completed at UNCW must be requested through the Office of the Registrar to assure a record of academic work is sent to the home institution of the permission/visiting student.